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F. A. Q.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries. Unfortunately the website that we use only lets us set shipping by country and not region. So if your country isn't listed in our shipping right now, please contact us and we will update the list with your country.

As it goes we aren't currently shipping to Russia. We don't support the unjustified war so don't bother asking.

Why did you change the currency to Yen?

We started our website using USD. And at the time the dollar was much more stable. And I would only need to update the prices every so often. We are based in Japan and sell through multiple different stores and other venues. All of them use Yen and I want to keep the prices equal across all of the different venues. 

There is a simple way to estimate the price in USD, just move the decimal point over two spaces to the left. for example if the price is 4,400yen, it would be about $44.00 USD.

If you want the exact amount, open a new tab in your browser and copy and paste the amount (for example ¥17,270) and add 'to USD'. Then search, it will give you the amount in USD.

Places that we ship to during the covid-19 outbreak.

Due to issues with EMS, we have switched to shipping via Yamato. This allows us to ship just about everywhere. There are a couple of places that are currently not available for shipping. So please check this link

Most of places we can't currently  ship to are in Asia.



We do accept other payment methods as well as Paypal. We are currently in the process of adding other payment methods. To purchase with Paypal or any other currently unsupported methods please contact us by email with the item you would like to purchase and the payment method you would like to use.

How long does it take for an order to be shipped?
Your order will be shipped within ten business days (within three business days on average).

Do I get a tracking number for my order?
International Orders are all shipped through EMS and will have a tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, and to pretty much anywhere that a package can be delivered.

Do you do C.O.D.?
Only in Japan. If you want to do C.O.D., as of now you need to send us an email with the info of piece or pieces that you want. As well as your shipping info. And there is an additional 500 yen charge for C.O.D.

Do you accept bank transfers?
Yes we do. Just as with a C.O.D., we need you to send us the information of the piece\pieces you want to buy and your shipping information. We will send your order as soon as the deposit has been made in our bank.

Does your work look just like the pictures?
We do or best to get the pictures to look as true to real life as possible, but due to the fact that not all computers have the same hardware, software, or set the same. So we can't say that what you see is exactly what it looks like in real life, but we try our best.

What kind of glass do you use?
All of the glass is borosilicate. You know, the same kind as that casserole dish you cook with.

Is that really an opal/ruby in the glass?
Yes it is! Although they are synthetic, but there is a good reason for that. Natural opals contain too much water and will explode if encased in glass.(I know this for personal experience) As for the rubies, the only difference between a synthetic ruby and a natural one, is that synthetic rubies are required to have an added chemical to make them react to UV light(black light). Which is a bonus due to some many colors of boro that react to UV light.

What kind of necklace comes with the pendant?
If the pendant has a glass bale (loop that the necklace goes though), you will receive a simple leather thong and two glass beads. The bead that is farthest from the pendant is used to adjust the length of the necklace.

Can I custom order a piece?
Yes you can! All products are handmade one at a time. If you would like a custom item or a different version of something currently for sale or even something in our gallery of past works, please ask. If you are interested send us and email about what you're interested in having made and we can work out the details including sizes and your budget. Please keep in mind that all custom orders have a minimum price of $100 USD.

What kind of silver and gold do you use for fuming?
We use 99.9 fine silver and 24kt gold.

What will we do if you are rude to us?

If you are rude in an email or comunicating with us, we will refund your money and that will be the end of it. Seriously people it costs you nothing to be polite.








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