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Cosmic Impact Series

Cosmic Impact Series
  • Cosmic Impact Series
  • Cosmic Impact Series
  • Cosmic Impact Series
  • Cosmic Impact Series

These are handmade glass dip pens in a series so the color, pattern, and size will vary a bit. I try to keep the colors as close to the picture as possible. The glass nibs have eight channels for the ink to fill, so you are able to write for quite a long time before needing to dip it again.

I have decided to go with a more contemporary design. The main reason is that I have always liked the feel of the Mont Blanc style of pen and decided to try it in glass. After the first one that I made, I realized that not only was the shape comfortable to hold, but was also a pleasure to write or draw with. And that is due to the extra weight. So you don't need to press down on the paper at all.

We have three different nibs to choose from:
The straight nib, which will write at all angles including vertical.
The artist nib, the line thickness will change from 1mm to .1 mm depending on how you doin the pen. It's great for filling in large areas to fine details.
The Italic nib, perfect for calligraphy. The ink will flow at all angles. Which makes it perfect for traditional Japanese calligraphy.

Here is some information about the pen. It is made with borosilicate glass and fumed with 24kt gold and 99.99 fine silver. Since the color on the pen is translucent, the color will change depending on the background. The grips are uncased

Dimensions: 14-14.5cm long 14mm diameter
Straight Nib: approx 0.6-0.3mm line (can adjust thickness if requested.)
Artist Nib: 1mm - .1mm line
Italic Nib: 2mm wide (can adjust if requested)

Breakages: If you break the nib of the pen in anyway for any reason please feel free to send it back to me to be repaired for no charge. You only need to pay for the shipping cost. And yes this is anytime you break the nib. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE NIB. If you need to have to rest of the pen repaired please contact me and we can work out the cost of a repair.

All glass work in my shop is designed and made by Lucas Mahoney at Hanabi Glass Studio in Yokohama, Japan.