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Retro Wave (Ball)

Retro Wave (Ball)
  • Retro Wave (Ball)
  • Retro Wave (Ball)
  • Retro Wave (Ball)

I am sorry to announce, but the ball version of our spindle series will not be shipped internationally. We have had too many broken in shipping. Unfortunately not all post services are as careful with packages as Japan Post. And there is only so much I can do with padding.

These pens are part of our Spindle series. They are much lighter than our other pens with most of the weight close to the grip.

These are handmade glass dip pens in a series so the color, pattern, and size will vary a bit. I try to keep the colors as close to the picture as possible. The glass nibs have eight channels for the ink to fill, so you are able to write for quite a long time before needing to dip it again.

Here is some information about the pens. It is made with borosilicate glass. Both the body and nib.

Dimensions: 13-14cm long
Grip: 13mm-14mm diameter

These pens are made when they are ordered, so please let us know what size nib you would like, fine, medium, and bold are not specific. Please let me know how thick of a line you want in mm. If not expect the pen to have the size below.

Nib general sizes if not specified:
Straight Nib: 0.3-0.5mm line
Artist Nib: 1mm -0.1mm line(this isn't a variety of sizes, this is how the nib will write depending on how you hold it.)
Italic Nib: 2.5-3mm wide

PLEASE leave me a note if you want a different size nib and the size in mm.

Breakages: If you break the nib of the pen in anyway for any reason please feel free to send it back to me to be repaired for no charge. You only need to pay for the shipping cost. And yes this is anytime you break the nib. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE NIB. If you need to have to rest of the pen repaired please contact me and we can work out the cost of a repair.

All glass work in my shop is designed and made by Lucas Mahoney at Hanabi Glass Studio in Yokohama, Japan.